New York the place for the broken hearts or the place where you learn to move on…

New York the place for the broken hearts or the place where you learn to move on…

Is warm here, i´m holding a glass of wine while i feel the Light breeze on my cheeks telling me that summer is  over and fall is here coloring the amazing  view, time flies when you´re getting fun is what they say and people also say the best Season to find love is summer, but why?….this is my third time in New York the only place that made me fell in love and i guess now i have the answer.

Almost seven years ago i came here after a broke up, holding my heart, my dreams and my tears, i remember my first day here like if was yesterday, after a long relationship  and a very bad ending i felt destroyed, sad, vulnerable and i thought nobody can understood me, my dream was always to travel, so after the broke up i took the last decision to make my dreams true, no excuses and just be focus in what really i was looking for.

I arrived to New York for first time in November 2010, i remember one night i decided to came out from the hotel and walk with no destination, i´d never been in a city with million of faces, diversity, religions, cultures in the same place, for me was fascinating, with every step i forgot about my feelings and my mind started to be awake. New York city has a special vibe, that fills you up, until now i can´t tell you exactly where all this come from, but every time i put my feet in the streets of new York i feel a new beginning, the energy helps me to move on, to learn from the past and never go back, is Amazing how you meet people here and if  you want to talk about boys here is where you can find the handsome one, interesting ones, hot ones, intellectual ones, serious and players, adventurous and quiets, all in the same place, yeah is like a big cocktail!

My life recovered quickly i must to say, i was always open to face new challenges, new adventures, new people and when i least expect a couple  months later the pain was gone, my thoughts were clear, my heart ready, mi spirit clean, my heart was everyday alert, the days pass and everyday i was ready to make new plans and take huge decisions, is in NY where i decided live in 5 continents,  travel became my new passion and my new love, i fell in love in different ways, i became passionate with new things, i welcome the good moments, the new people, the new everything…i was scare?…Yes, but traveling teach me how to deal with that.

New York is the city to make true all the things you´ve been looking for, thousand of people came here just carrying their dreams, even Frank Sinatra did, the one who gave that Amazing soundtrack to this city, the one who told us ¨If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere¨  but he wasn´t from NYC, but now the people who cross the streets everyday or watch a sunset from the west riverside can understand what he means. New York sometimes is though, mean, competitive, is also Fast, you always have to move on, keep yourself one step ahead, otherwise this big monster can eat you, but at the end you will notice how you end up in this city with a better version of you. Of course are some exceptions, once an old man told me, sweet i love your smile, leave NY before that disappear and you became cold, i put attention to his words, while i was walking thru meatpacking district, i was alone with my thoughts thinking in his words, when i realize that maybe he was right, you have to leave New York once in a while. New York is the school who prepare you to hit the World, is here where i decide to travel the World, where i was starving about know more about other cultures, the place where i learn how to love a muslim and work with jews, meditate as a buddhist and forgive as a christian, but the most important is where i learn how to  love and believe in myself.

Now 6 years later i´m a different person and to be honest i´m in love with this version of me, i always said that one of the biggest lesson i learned about to live in the USA is that every dream you have, you can make it true, LOVE is not just a about a partner of life,  here i learned that the most important relationship in life is the one you build with yourself, that nobody will care about me in the same way that i do, than the only person responsable about my happiness, is me!…in the future if i find someone as a complement not as my entire happiness, i will know how to build the things together, i will deposit my knowledge and my heart with him, but he will be my team and he´s not responsable to make me happy, bacause I already know that part depends of me, how i act, how i react to life is my choise.

So, did i find you the right one?…not yet, for many is a bad thing to set my expectations so high for me is why should i keep it down, i don’t mean i´m looking for a Rich guy that also be handsome, loyal etc., i created my fairytale, where that guy is the one who can understand my craziness, the one who instead Judge me, invites me to follow him in his adventures, the one who see the World with his eyes open, the one who do the things with heart, the one who also know how to move on…

For now i´ll stay in New York falling in love for those leaves that are ready to announce the fall, listening those soundtracks, taking the Subway, smelling those food cars in the corners and as always looking up those buildings trying to touch the sky…just as New York tought me to do it, because for now i´m in love for New York…

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